March 3rd & 4th, 2019! 
Franklin, TN 
Don't miss this RARE opportunity to join us IN-PERSON 
for our breakthrough day workshops! 
You will get to learn, shoot, and spend time right along side of us for 1 to 2 days. We are in this together, and everyone 
gets unique attention from us during these incredible in-depth, photography changing days! 
Available Workshops
Dramatic Flash & Posing
March 3rd
(new class!)
Class Description:
Learn how to create drama with flash indoors and out, and master 3 simple, yet powerful lighting techniques that will set your images apart and make your customers say "WOW!" 

No prior flash knowledge is needed, and ANYONE that wants to be able to use flash effectively in any indoor or outdoor lighting situation will love this class. 

We will teach our 4-Step dramatic flow-posing style that gives you incredible looks with individuals or couples.  

What is Covered: 
REMOVING FEAR: We will remove your fear of flash as we walk WITH you while YOU create outstanding flash images throughout the live shoot!

- CONSISTENCY: We will show you how to consistently create flash images over and over again that wow your customers, keep you feeling creative and give you total confidence in ANY lighting you encounter.

- Details: We will dive deep into the nuance that makes flash images go from an 8 to a 10 and how to get there every time you head out to shoot! 

- ONE-ON-ONE: We provide one-on-one time with each student to make sure you learn exactly what it takes to become proficient at flash!

- Learn a posing SYSTEM that helps make your clients look natural, yet dramatic in their flash shots. 

Day Schedule Overview: 
- 08:30am Welcome/Sign in
- 09:00am Classroom Instruction 
- 11:30am Lunch (provided) 
- 12:30pm Hands-On Shooting Begins 
- 04:00pm Break/Dinner 
- 05:00pm Editing Flash Images Segment 
- 07:00pm Exit Surveys/End of Event 
Business & Sales Strategy
March 4th 
(+ 3 month MasterMind!)
Class & Coaching Description
This BRAND NEW breakthrough day PLUS 3 MONTH MasterMind is for photographers who are ready to grow their business, or for those who feel they have hit a plateau they can't seem to break through. This is 3 month long MasterMind Group Coaching. 

Phase 1. In-Person Class

We will kick things off with the live event in Franklin, TN at our home. 

We will dive DEEP into what is holding you back, what problems you are currently encountering, and we will spend the day taking a handful of participants through the breakthrough process and answering the tough questions to get your brand where you want it to go. 

Phase 2. Three Month Group MasterMind

What is a MasterMind? 
You will work in a group with me (Zach) as I lead us on a journey to success. We will meet VIRTUALLY once every 2 weeks after the live event, and we will solve problems as they come up in the group. You will get clear direction for your sales, marketing, brand position and more. 

The benefit of the MasterMind is that 1, you get the time to implement what you are learning - 2, you get the accountability from the group and the group leader (Zach) to make sure you follow through - and 3, you get the connection to the other members long-term to help you and you them! 

ACTION PLANS: We will give you a blueprint of exactly what you need to do in order to start growing your business immediately, and show you how to future-proof your brand and learn to solve problems as they arise through the 3 month long group MasterMind. 


Day Schedule Overview: 
- 08:30am Welcome/Sign in
- 09:00am Classroom Instruction (Vision, Branding, Sales) 
- 11:30am Lunch (provided) 
- 12:30pm Classroom Instruction (Marketing, Referrals, Systems) 
- 04:00pm Break/Dinner 
- 05:00pm Group Work
- 06:00pm Exit Surveys/End of Event 
- Bi-Monthly MasterMind (included in registration fee!) 
Business Coaching Testimonies
"Zach approached us about three years ago and said that he thought that we could be making almost triple what we were currently making in our business. We literally LAUGHED at him. 

Well, we were wrong. We have not only tripled our income, we have quadrupled it. Zach played a hug role in this financial change in our life. He saw more potential in us than we saw in ourselves. His passion for empowering others to experience the success that he has experienced 
is what motivated us to make changes in our business." 

-Katelyn James

Photographer, National Educator on Business & Marketing Strategy
"Zach and Jody are one of the most well respected and successful business owners in my industry. When I came to them for mentoring and advice they gave not only an easy-to-understand evaluation of what I was doing, but also motivating strategy of where I could go from here. I couldn't be happier with their suggestions, resources and expertise."

-Vanessa Joy  

Adorama TV Host, Successful Photographer and Worldwide Educator
"Zach and jody have the heart of a teacher and they are a truth-teller. That’s a winning combination in a business coach. They kicked our butt in the most loving way because they saw potential and possibility in us that we never saw in ourselves. If you want your business to stay where it is, their not the people for you; but if you want to do bigger and better things than you ever dreamed possible, don’t hesitate. We’re making more money, impacting more people and having more fun than at any point in our career, and we never could’ve done it without Zach and Jody. They have been one of the best investments we’ve ever made."

-Amy & Jordan Demos 

Photographers, Educators, and Top Ten To Watch by Rangefinder Mag
“Hands down, Zach & Jody Gray are the smartest business people I know. I have learned so much from their example and from working directly with them. Don’t miss the chance to work with them and transform your career faster than you ever thought possible. You won’t regret doing this, but you will regret not doing it!”

-Jeff Goins

Best Selling Author, National Speaker, Creator of TRIBE Conference 
Student images and Testimonies! ! 
"I took this shot of my daughter and I'm inspired already!" 
- Charity Beard Richardson

"You guys explained it so simply. It just made sense. Thank you for be such great teachers!" 
- Jessica Missy Coombs
Nate B.
Lighting Course 

Matthew T.
Lighting Course 

Yoni L. 
Lighting Course 

Melissa S. 
Lighting Course  

MORE Student Testimonies! 
“You have been blessed with not only mad photo skills, but a special ability to teach super complicated stuff in the simplest of ways.”
- Amber F. San Diego Attendee

“I loved learning your shooting techniques, you helped me get over my fear of flash & off camera lighting, but most of all I took away so many little nuggets of business gold that have helped me push things forward : )”
- Kelly G. London Attendee

“Zach’s system really does work. I was taking about 15 hours to edit the same amount of images and now it takes me 8 hours. Still not at 4... YET).”
- Mandy L.

"When I first took Zach and Jody's workshop I had a good bit of experience with off-camera flash, but their class helped me improve and take my skills to the next level!"
-Lynn Cummings 
“I loved learning your shooting techniques, you helped me get over my fear of flash & off camera lighting, but most of all I took away so many little nuggets of business gold that have helped me push things forward : )”
- Kelly G. London Attendee

“You have had a profound impact on my life, both professionally and personally! I had major breakthroughs.”
– Jessica G., Nashville Attendee

“I just booked my first wedding with our new higher prices thanks to your awesome Phone Call approach. So thank you guys so much. I am so happy I took your workshop, I learned so many valuable tools.”
- Ali B., Colorado Attendee

“My Portrait sessions were taking up to 5 hours to edit... After Zach & Jody’s Post workshop, my portrait sessions can be culled and edited in less than an hour. Thanks, Zach & Jody!”
- Sara A.
“You guys have seriously changed the way I shoot. I edited and uploaded all images from Saturday’s senior session in less than 30 minutes. AMAZING!!!”
- Renee B., Nashville Attendee

“I have turned my one week editing process to less than 2 hours. I am able to feel more balanced, and be at my best for my family and photography career.”

- Cheyenne S.

“A typical wedding would take me 25-35 hours to edit... it is now less than half that time and I spend my free time walking our dog and planning future vacations together.”
- Jen S.

“Instead of 3 hours to edit a session, I have it down to an hour and a half. The Post Workshop has paid for itself many times over.”
- Tony B. 

“Weddings used to take me 8-10 hours to edit fully. I can now blaze through weddings in less than half of that time.”
- Nathan L.
Learn to shoot and edit images just like these! 
Before and Afters
You will learn how to create images in this type of lighting any time you want! 
Community Learning Experience
Whether it's shooting incredible portraits, becoming an EXPERT at off-camera flash, or getting the skills and tools to run a more profitable business, there is a workshop for you! 

And the best part is, we do it TOGETHER...
With over 8 years of teaching experience and 1,300 past attendees, these workshops hold NOTHING back, and we will share our best kept SECRETS with you. 

These workshops will transform your business like never before! 
Your Educators, Zach & Jody
Zach & Jody have become international speakers on business and shooting technique and have personally instructed over 1,300 photographers at their IN-CAMERA workshops all around the globe. 

They are Top Endorsed Pro's by Westcott Lighting, are members of the exclusive SanDisk Extreme Team, and have been featured speakers on creativeLIVE, Photo-Vision, WPPI, PPA, London’s SWPP, Toronto’s Exposure show, and MyWed Conference in Moscow. Their work has been published in RangeFinder and People Magazine.

Today, Zach & Jody’s business is fully dedicated to empowering other photographers to building their own great businesses. 

Their website,, has tens of thousands of visitors a month and is full of resources to help photographers succeed. 
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