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Rocking Off-Camera Flash Portraits

IN-CAMERA Light: The Off-Camera Lighting System 

Get ready to rock your off-camera imagery! 

Zach & Jody's $750 Lighting workshop has been made available for $249 ($97 for Cyber Monday)! 

IN-CAMERA: Light video workshop will: 

-Remove the guesswork from off-camera lighting

-Boost your confidence in any lighting situation

-Give a fast and efficient step-by-step process to follow

-Reduce your editing time significantly

-Enable you to add unique imagery to your body of work

-IN-CAMERA: Light video workshop includes: 

  • Four hours of content
  • 25 live shooting demonstrations in difficult and varying lighting situations
  • 6 bonus chapters
  • Classroom explanation and instruction time 
  • Gear must-havesMuch, much more!-
Nailing Natural Light Photography

IN-CAMERA Shooting: The Natural Light Photography System 

Revolutionize Your Natural Light Photography! 

Zach & Jody's $750 workshop has been made available for  $249 ($97 for Cyber Monday)! 

-Take out the guesswork of getting great shots in ANY type of natural light

- Learn the simple process to follow every time to get consistent, amazing results right in-camera . 

-Reduce your editing time significantly

-Have complete confidence any time you walk out on a shoot

  • 3 hours of instructional material
  • 19 live shooting demonstrations
  • Clear, step-by-step explanation of the entire systematic natural-lighting process
  • You will walk away with better images that will amaze your clients before you even take them out of your camera
Mastering Reception Lighting

IN-CAMERA: Reception Lighting Made Easy

Rock your reception lighting with confidence!

Low-Light Receptions Made Easy will: 

-Eliminate the dread you may experience as you face the unknown in dark reception halls

-Share the systematic process and steps that Zach & Jody used for over 8 years to capture beautifully lit images in difficult lighting scenarios

-Equip you to efficiently use your speedlite

-Boost your confidence in any low-lit situation

Low-Light Receptions Made Easy includes: 

  • 2 hours of instruction and live shooting
  • 17 different live shooting demonstrations in varying reception scenarios
  • 6 bonus chapters
  • Classroom explanation and instruction time
  • Gear must-haves
  • Zach & Jody's step-by-step systematic lighting processMuch, much more!
Fast Editing Workshop

Post: Lighting Fast Post-Production to Reclaim Your Life!

Zach & Jody's $750 Post workshop has been made available for $249!

Low-Light Receptions are one of the most difficult events to photograph, but Zach & Jody have designed this workshop to show you just how simple it can be with the right tools, and the right system! 

No more guess-work and not more boring reception lighting images! 

IN-CAMERA: Post will: 

  • Share the systematic editing process and steps that Zach uses in his 2.5 hour wedding workflow (yes, you read that right – 2.5 hours)
  • Reduce your editing time
  • Help you organize all of your images and shoots
  • Reduce editing time
Studio Lighting Workshop

Raw: Studio Lighting Made Easy

This instructional video shoot is for any photographer who wants to be more creative with their off-camera lighting. In the Raw walks you through each step in the process Zach uses for creative portraiture.

Geared toward: Intermediate to advanced photographers. 


  • Almost 2 hours of instruction
  • 5 full set-ups on the Andy Davis Album cover shoot
  • Using Multiple Lights (up to 5!)
  • Live explanation while shooting
  • Complete details of all techniques used
  • Shooting with ground glass
  • Shooting white on white
  • Gear breakdown and full gear-list included
  • Post-Production of each set up including 
  • Photoshop technique
6-Figure Business Workshop

HARVEST | The 3 Steps to Growing a Thriving Photography Business.

Join thousands of photographers who have utilized this content to increase their bottom line, increase their booking rates, and have a business that works for them instead of them working for their business. HARVEST is for any photographer who wants to have a thriving photography business.

Content Includes:

  • Keys to a successful brand
  • Standing out
  • Building your business on the right clients
  • Finding the right clients
  • Growing your business faster
  • Tips to increase your income
  • Turning your clients into your sales force so you never have to waste $$ on traditional marketing again!

  • Plus much  more!
This brand new course is unlike anything we have ever done before!  This course takes everything we have ever taught about business, marketing, sales and strategy to build a 6-figure business and turns it into a 6-week milestone course that helps you build a path to success! 

Includes 6 Weeks of Content each Containing:
Videos by Zach and Jody
Course Work

This Course Will Guide You In:
Creating a vision for your business
Putting together a solid brand
Getting new clients in the door
Pricing yourself for maximum profit
INCREASE your income!

The process is proven and thousands of photographers have used this system to double their income,
get better clients and have more fun with less stress! 

This course is normally $499, but for Cyber Monday, you can get it for just $197! 
The Complete Wedding Course!
Follow us on an ENTIRE real wedding! 
The Complete Wedding Course is almost here (early spring 2017)! 
Follow Zach and Jody along on an entire REAL wedding shot LIVE in Nashville, TN! 
Walk with them in incredible HD footage as they guide you through their entire approach to 
photographing amazing images no matter what type of wedding day you are dealt. 
This Complete Wedding Course will cover: 
  • All aspects of the wedding day (getting ready, portraits, ceremony, reception, lighting, locations, posing, cameras and lenses and more) 
  • Interaction with their clients to get the best images possible 
  • Controlling the wedding day schedule to get incredible images without getting in the way of the flow of the day 
  • Making great images out of tough locations  
  • Tons of footage of the in-between moments 
  • Learn the approach to shooting weddings with complete confidence 
  • HUGE bonuses (announced soon!)
This wedding course will be $500 when it comes out, but you can pre-buy it NOW for just $299
Video Workshop Testimonials: 
  • “I gained an absolutely solid understanding of my lighting with Zach & Jody's step-by-step guide!” - Mireille A., Netherland Attendee
  • “Zach and Jody make reception lighting super easy and WAYYYY less intimidating.” - Julia F.
  • “You guys have seriously changed the way I shoot. I edited and uploaded all images from Saturday’s senior session in less than 30 minutes. AMAZING!!!” - Renee B., Nashville Attendee
  • “Every wedding we have shot since watching the DVD has produced so many more leads due to the creative reception shots we now produce.” - Dustin L.
  • “Zach and Jody made everything really easy to understand when it came to the more technical settings and how to have a system to nail it every time!" - Courtney C.
  • “I loved learning your shooting techniques, you helped me get over my fear of flash & off camera lighting, but most of all I took away so many little nuggets of business gold that have helped me push things forward.” - Kelly G. London Attendee
  • “You have been blessed with not only mad photo skills, but a special ability to teach super complicated stuff in the simplest of ways.” - Amber F. San Diego Attendee
  • “Zach & Jody's system filled in the missing pieces for me. Now my reception lighting is consistent and looks exactly like I want it to - straight out of camera!” - Jaimie K.
  • “I just booked my first wedding with our new higher prices thanks to your awesome Phone Call approach. So thank you guys so much. I am so happy I took your workshop, I learned so many valuable tools.” - Ali B., Colorado Attendee
14 Day Guarantee
We believe in our educational content so much, that we guarantee it! 

If you buy one, download the content, use it, and your shooting or lighting or business does not improve, we will give you your money back! 

-Zach and Jody Gray 
Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How is my content delivered? 
A. Once you purchase, you will get a confirmation email with a link to download your files! The 6-week business course and wedding course can be viewed online for your convenience in our password protected course website.  (Wedding Course will be available early 2017)
Q. Can I keep these forever? 
A. Yes! They are yours to use and watch whenever you want! 
Q. I still have a question. Who can I email? 
A. Simply email our customer service rep at [email protected] for a quick response! 
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